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"So Gay So What" Campaign

Meet Aaron

Aaron is a lifelong democrat, HIV/AIDS advocate, public speaker, author, and activist of many political and philanthropic causes. He is heavily involved with causes and issues concerning women, children, animals, the environment, gun violence and the LGBTQA community.


Aaron is currently a Political Science major at NOVA Southeastern University where he is finishing his last year of his B.A. and will be attending law school in 2020. He maintains a 3.8 GPA and is a members of The National Honors Society and Collegiate Scholars and enrolled in the Dual Admissions Honors program at NOVA Southeastern University. Aaron has also received an Associates Degreein Music Performance in 2012 from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York City, New York. Additionally, Aaron has participated in candidate and campaign trainings through The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Ruth's List.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Performing in HBO's From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook

​Influencing Politics in Florida

Aaron is a member of the Finance Committeeof the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris,Kamala Harris for the People. Through this grassroots fundraising arm, Aaron has agreed to raise $10,000 by March 31, 2019 for Kamala Harris and organize campaign related activities across the state of Florida to ensure that Sen. Harris has the resources and support necessary to win the democratic primary in Florida and win Florida in the presidential election of 2020, thus making Donald Trump a one term president.


He is the current Secretary of The Dolphin Democratic Club, which is the largest chapter in the state of Florida of The LGBTA Democratic Caucus. He is also a former chapter President of theDemocratic Women's Club of Pasco County,former Secretary of The Democratic Women's Club of Upper Pinellas, and currently serves on The Bureau of Speakers and sits on The Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the state level through The Democratic Women’s Club of Florida. Aaron is also a past Political Director of the College Democrats at The University of Tampa.


He is also the former Region Lead to The Millennial Council of Ready for Hillary. He also served as the Florida State Coordinator of Ready for Hillary,where for 2.5 years Aaron organized events, voters, fundraisers, and volunteers statewide to lay the groundwork that ultimately led to Hillary for Americain Florida. Ready for Hillarydisbanded upon the incoming presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and has now become the Super PAC Madame President. Additionally, Aaron has worked on high profile state legislature and municipal campaigns across the Tampa Bay area.


POLITICO Magazine, 2014

Aaron speaks to The Democratic Women's Club of Florida 2014 Annual State Convention in St. Augustine, FL on behalf of Ready for Hillary

In 2015, Aaron made history when he filed to run for office himself. He became the first openly HIV positive person to ever run for office in the state of Florida when he ran for Largo City Commission, Seat 3 in 2016. Aaron would go on to raise thousands of dollars, engage thousands of voters and put forth his message and ideas to voters all across the Tampa Bay area via his campaign that caught statewide attention due in part to a scandal that ultimately led to the arrest of his conservative opponent Robert Avery. Avery was arrested for felony extortion when trying to persuade Aaron Darr to suspend his campaign for Largo City Commission, Seat 3 with baseless threats and empty accusations of inappropriate behavior by that of Mr. Darr.


Aaron found this to be distracting and unfair to voters as it began to weigh heavily on his heart and mind, even though there was never any damaging information released about himself, thus paving the way for the dropping of charges against Robert Avery due to the fact that no such damaging information ever existed on his private digital devices.


In spirit of unity and the need for the race for Largo City Commission, Seat 3 to return to a focus on the issues, rather than the illegal behavior of Robert Avery and the discrediting of Aaron’s private life, Aaron would go on to suspend his campaign and later endorse another progressive in the race for Largo City Commission, Neil McMullen. Below is various media coverage (video) of my campaign.

Writing & Philanthropy

Additionally, Aaron is a public speaker who has embarked on speaking and listening tours across Florida, battle ground states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio. He has also spoken throughout Europe about HIV/AIDS and progressive issues facing everyday Americans. He often speaks to how politics is global and the actions of policies shaped by Americans affect others world wide. This is even more apparent in the election of President Trump in 2016.


Aaron would make the case for the need to address HIV/AIDS policy in America when he keynoted the international HIV/AIDS conference SMILE, in 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and another in Paris, France for World AIDS Day 2014.


Aaron is currently writing his first book, Becoming Positive: A Teenage HIV Story in the Eyes of Mother & Son, which is written by both Aaron Darr and his mother Tammie Boord. Both describe their experiences associated with this disease; in particular Tammie’s thoughts on learning her 17 year old child contracted HIV and learned of his diagnosis just two days before Christmas of 2008 while he was still in high school. The book explores Aaron's Baptist faith, homosexuality, health, and ultimately the choices that led him to contracting HIV/AIDS. The book will be available on Amazon in the Fall of 2019.

Philanthropically, Aaron has worked with in great depth for years with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation. Much of this work has focused on pediatric cancer cases and bringing access to health care facilities and services to those who otherwise wouldn't have access in the first place due to racial and geographic demographics in New York City. 

World AIDS Day 2014: Paris, France

Working with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Pediatric Cancer Cases
Speaking at an HIV/AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening of The Hank J. Carter Health & Nursing Facility in Harlem

Weighing the Future

Aaron is often asked about his own political future when traveling the state of Florida giving speeches and raising funds for candidates, PAC's, and non-profits. The answer is simple. He aims to encourage others to get involved and engaged in the political process in Florida, especially young people, women, people who are LGBTQ, and racial minorities.


Truth be told, Aaron never planned on initially running for office. He did so because he believed the city of Largo and the state of Florida deserved accountability, leadership and an ally who would be a credible resource for working families, seniors, children, veterans, young people, minorities, and countless others who live and work in the sunshine state. Aaron still believes and remains committed to being an ally in any way he can be in the future.

Until then, Aaron remains focused on working with candidates and issue based campaigns. Aaron has previously worked with Food and Water Watch and numerous campaigns at the national, state, and local level. These include Obama for America, Hillary for America, former Congresswoman Rep. Gwen Graham, former Rep. Amanda Murphy, philanthropist David Straz, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, former Congressman Rep. Anthony Weiner, former Sen. and current Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich, The Clinton Foundation, Mom's Demand Action, and countless others.


In early 2019, Aaron permanently moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to finish his B.A. at NOVA Southeastern University and has publicly stated that he has no immediate plans to run for office in the near future, especially while pursuing his juris doctorate (law degree). If an opportunity presents itself, Aaron will always weigh his options as to how he can be of service to others. Until then, he is committed to electing down ballot democrats and making Donald Trump a one term president. He is currently supporting U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris's 2020 candidacy for the democratic nomination for president in 2020.